Montag Dez. 11, 2006

Vertraust du deiner Datenbank? ;-)

Aus der PostgreSQL Admin-Mailingliste:

Frage: "So are there any Postgresql tools for analyzing and repairing the "offline" database files (like e.g. the MySQL myisamchk-tool)..."

Antwort: "The philosophy is different. PostgreSQL tries to bring up your database and make it available as quickly as possible, even after a crash. The checking of any changed data blocks is performed automatically during recovery - so no need to run a manual tool while the server is down.

The idea that you'd need a checking tool comes from not trusting your database. The PostgreSQL way is to ensure you don't lose that trust because there are no short-cuts and leaps of faith taken to make the database go faster."

Ich lass das einfach mal so stehen ;-)


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